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How can I send an annouoncement?

Plans: HR Starter, HR Professional and HR Enterprise.

It's very easy and won't take long. First you need to install the Announcements functionality in your Sesame HR account. Access your Apps by clicking on the bottom left of your dashboard and install the Announcements card.

Do you need to create an announcement? Follow this path: Internal Communication >> Announcements >> Create Announcement

Note that only higher roles or communicators can send announcements.

Select a subject and write the content of your announcement. You can also attach documents. Remember that this file must not exceed the maximum upload size (25Mb).

You can also choose a push notification for your team to see in the announcement.

Add a cover and select who you want to send your announcement to. You can filter by workplace, department, or employee.

Preview your announcement and choose how you want to send it, either immediately or schedule it.