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How is data synchronised from Workday to Sesame?

Workday sets up its permissions at a granular level, so we will need access to a number of fields to make everything work. Here are some steps on how to grant permissions:

Creating an integration system user

You need to create an integration system user in Workday, which you can do as follows:

  • Log in to Workday
  • Access the task 'Create Integration System User'.
  • Enter a new username
  • Enter and confirm your password
  • Click OK

Just so you know, you will want to add this user to the list of system users to make sure that their password does not expire.


Creating an integration security group and assign a user to the integration system

Now, add this integration system user to a security group, which you can do as follows:

  • Access the Create a security group task
  • Select User-based security group
  • Choose a name for the group
  • Click on OK
  • Select the integration system user and click on Accept
  • Click on OK

Configuring domain security policy permissions

In the security group, edit the security policy permissions and add the corresponding Domain Security Policy with GET operations:

Main domains required for HRIS:

  • Job application details
  • Worker Data: Personal Data
  • Worker Data: Contact Information 
  • Worker Data: Work Contact Information
  • Worker Data: Compensation
  • Worker Data: Time Off**
  • Worker Data: Workers
  • Worker Data: All Positions
  • Worker Data: Current Staffing Information
  • Worker data: Public Worker Reports
  • Worker Data: Employment Data
  • Worker Data: Organization Information

**Specific instructions on how to allow access to time off data can be found here


Click here for a more detailed breakdown of the functional areas required.


Activating security policy changes

In the search bar, type: Activate Pending Security Policy Changes. This way you'll see a summary of all security policy changes that need to be approved. After checking the policies, approve the security policy changes to activate them. 


Obtaining web services endpoints for Workday Tenant

We will need access to the Workday HR endpoints, so you can find them:

  • Workday search for 'Public web services'.
  • Open 'Public Web Services Report'.
  • Hover over 'Human Resources' and click on the three dots to access the menu.
  • Click on Web Services > View WSDL.
  • Navigate to the bottom of the page that opens and you will find the host.

Note: Endpoints differ between tenants, so be sure to provide us with endpoints for each test environment.

Note: In production, add the ISU security group to the authentication policy in Workday to allow access.