Guide to post a vacancy on Indeed

Before posting a vacancy, Indeed applies a policy of standards to achieve quality standards. Vacancies that do not adhere to these standards will be reviewed.

Misleading advertisements, that involve the candidate's experience or those are not likely to be a "real" hire may be removed from the search results:

  1. Indeed does not allow non-employment ads
    This includes training and education opportunities, franchise opportunities, multi-level marketing opportunities, expired jobs, and unspecific job vacancies.
  2. Information must be accurate and detailed
    Indeed does not allow vacancies with incomplete, misleading, generic, or confusing information.
  3. Vacancies must come from the companies themselves
    Indeed's main objective is to connect candidates with companies, so the portal gives priority to vacancies that come directly from the hiring company itself.  
    Indeed also collaborates with many content providers to deliver quality vacancies to applicants, however, the portal gives priority to the version of the job that comes directly from the organization.
  4. Vacancies cannot be paid by the applicant.
    Job opportunities must be offered to applicants at no cost. Fees or mandatory training that involve a cost to candidates may be considered abusive employment practices.
  5. Job titles and descriptions should be well written
    Indeed values vacancies with detailed, accurate and well-formatted job titles and descriptions. Therefore, avoid including unnecessary details in titles. 
    Job descriptions should primarily provide details about the vacancy and should not focus on irrelevant duties or company information.
  6. Vacancies must not contain offensive content
    Under no circumstances job vacancies may include offensive content in any form (explicit, lewd, sexual or derogatory nature). Vacancies with content and messages that violate this guideline expose applicants and companies to vulgar or unlawful content.
  7. Indeed does not allow search results to be manipulated
    The visibility of jobs will be reduced if it is found that employers attempt to maliciously or intentionally manipulate search results to receive more traffic for their offer.
  8. Discrimination is strictly forbidden at Indeed
    Job applicants must be evaluated based on their skills and experience and not on factors that do not affect their ability to successfully perform the duties of the position for which they are applying.
  9. Formalizing Content
    Indeed does not allow the use of emoticons in posting vacancies.

    Please note...
    Indeed may reject or remove any vacancy and deactivate any company's account for any reason. The employment portal cannot share all of the reasons why a job or company may be removed, and they reserve the right to remove any job, organic or sponsored, if it is considered to be in their interest or the interest of their users.