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How can I configure a tablet device?

Plans: Time, Advanced, HR Starter, HR Professional and HR Enterprise.

Go to Configuration >> Devices >> Tablet >> Add device.

Here you can add as many clock in/out devices as you need and configure clock in/out points.

How can you add clock in/out devices?

1. Choose which type of device you want to link.
2. Select in which office/center you are installing the tablet.
3. Name the device and click "continue".
4. Download the app on your tablet, and enter your Sesame username and password.
5. Pair the tablet by entering the code that will appear on the screen.

Activate Face ID for your company

By activating this option, employees will be allowed to clock in and out using facial recognition. A new section will appear in each employee's profile where images must be uploaded for the system to recognize the user.