How to use the overtime balance?

How does the overtime balance work?

As a higher role, you will be able to access the Overtime balance from Clock ins/outs> Overtime balance. Once you are in, you will be able to use the filters to see more or less employees depending on each department or workplace. These people will have a total of overtime that has been calculated until the previous month as the overtime balance can be compensated during the same month. 

To ensure that users' clock ins/outs are correct and that they will not request a modification, it is recommended to activate the Validation of clock ins/outs option. This will avoid possible inconveniences when compensating for a previous overtime clock in/out.

To compensate overtime as an administrator you must click on "Compensate" and once the option is open you will be able to add the hours you want to compensate and choose the type of compensation. In case the user has not validated the clock ins/outs, as administrator you will be able to validate them for your employees after the notification. You will also be able to delete compensations in case of a mistake from the compensation history section.