Which user accesses can I automate?

Planes: Time, Advanced, HR Starter, HR Professional and HR Enterprise. 

Through "Settings" >> "Automations" >> "User accesses" you can configure several user accesses. There are 14 of them.

1. Show "Who's in" to all employees.  

2. Show "Timeline" to all employees.

3. Enable the company's time off calendar to all employees. 

4. Show the "Statistics" section.

5. Restrict the validation of requests between holiday approvers of different levels.

6. Show "Clock ins/outs" section.

7.Block editing, approval and cancellation of clock ins/outs to a role. 

8. Block "my profile" edition to employee view.

9. Show the "Organizational chart" section.

10. Show the Dashboard.

11. Allow lower level roles to create employees.

12. Establish mandatory identification number when creating employees.

13. Block editing, approval and cancellation of holidays to a role.

14. Show the absence of remote working.