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Once I create a time off, what can I do with it?

Plans: Sesame Time, Sesame Advanced, Sesame HR Starter, Sesame HR Professional and Sesame HR Enterprise. 

Once time off have been created, you can edit, deactivate or delete them.

Edit: Only some fields can be modified. If you want to edit some of the fields that cannot be edited, you will have to delete the time off and create it again with the configuration you need. These are the fields that can be edited:

    • Request for approval.
    • Allow attachment of a supporting document.
    • Block time off requests according to ranges.

Deactivate: You can deactivate time off. This is a temporary measure and you can retrieve deactivated time off anytime. In the view of all time off, you will find a button to view all deactivated time off. There you can retrieve it.

Delete: You can also permanently delete time off.